Greg Palka is an artist who is passionate about the look and feel of the world around him. He finds beauty in the macabre, and forces others to look.

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Art Director | Graphic Designer

Growing up, Greg Palka could instantly draw people in with his individualism and inventiveness. They were always impressed with his ability to channel these traits into evocative and creative pieces. A background in fine art, sculpture, and illustration allows his unique way of absorbing and reinterpreting the world reflect in an output of stunning, unexpected visual works. He is also adept at forming complete concepts from rough ideas. Almost every project Greg is entrusted with, he constantly presents finished designs before the clients even know what they were looking for. His imagination has always seemed boundless; certainly too expansive to be confined to the tiny corner of Pennsylvania he once called home.

Greg is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to consistent freelance work that has allowed him to sharpen his skills, he serves as the Graphic Designer and Art Director to the OOH Advertising community at Clear Channel Outdoor.

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